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Spotter: Huszlicska

As it happened, we were both working in the field of office leasing consultancy, and thus we had a unique opportunity to observe the everyday work routines of countless people at countless companies, what kind of environment they spend most of their time in. Then came the well-known forwarded email depicting Google’s offices in Zurich, and just how incredibly they created their workspaces. ’Hey, we have that in Budapest too!’ – we thought, and so we set out to show these to the public. As it turns out, companies are more than happy to show the world what environment they have created for their employees. People have a natural curiousity to know what happens behind the curtain, so why shouldn’t we quench their cravings?

The Spotters:

David Huszlicska

I was not a well-behaved kid – as in if something was forbidden, I’d be a likely canditate to do just that. If you weren’t allowed to go somewhere, I’d try getting in. During my childhood, I’ve sneaked into our landlord’s locked attic space, into an enclosed and antique store-like world, as well as the strictly no tresspassing golf course in the area, where I could walk about the perfectly formed elements of nature as though in a lifesize mock-up (until, at least, they saw me). These were special and exclusive places, and it annoyed me that I couldn’t freely and legitimately enjoy them. During my time in the commercial real estate market, I had the privelige of visiting numerous interesting and non-public locations, but I knew there had to be even more than this, if one starts to search. So we started to search.

If you were to officespot me, just what would you take pictures of?

I worked in the commercial real estate investment market for 3 years, where among others I dealt with the sale of office building, shopping centers, logistics buildings and monumentally protected buildings. After joining Máté in the establishment of, I dedicated myself to build with Máté an online platform to help SME companies first and formost find office space for themselves, but also where they could turn to with their questions and concerns. We observed that the service and information large scale companies receive is always of high quality – we aim to give small scale companies the same level of standards.

Máté Gorondy

Nowadays it’s rare for a person to let you into what is fundamentally their closed personal space. This why I love hitchhiking so much, because it’s all about trying – you stand at the side of the road, requesting, and after a while somebody will pick you up – and during the trip itself you’re locked in an enclosed space, and it’s up to the two of you just how well you get to know each other. This is the type of mindframe we brought to the world of offices and workplaces. It turns out, people don’t only share their cars, but they share their workplaces gladly as well. And I for one am very interested in where people spend 8-10 hours of their day. That we can share this with other is just the cherry on top.

What does my workday look like?

Basically I’ve been dealing with offices ever since graduating. After spending 4 years dealing with office leasing, having adequate experience under my belt I decided to shed the frame of working at a multinational company, and using the internet, completely individual marketing and the appropriate amount of enthusiasm to undertake my own enterprise. I deemed David a fitting partner for this endeavor, and so jointly we established the website, the goal of which is unequivocally to open a path for small sized tenants to easily find offices for lease.

In addition to the above mentioned website, we are constantly helping companies to find the right office space, and can even accompany them throughout their leasing process. We have a wide range of references, from 100 to 2500 m2 tenants. With regards to personalized office leasing, you can contact us by clicking on the Contact tab at the top of the page.

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