18-10-2010 12:00

Spotter: Huszlicska

Tenant: Tópark Sales
Tenant profile: Real estate leasing
Office building: Roosevelt 7/8 Offices
Interior design: Tópark Designer Team


Yet again, we visited the Roosevelt 7/8 office building, and yet again we found ourselves in a somewhat unusual office space. Not many are unfamiliar with the Tópark name – or at least in the capital, thanks to the extensive marketing seen over the past years. Now we introduce you to the Tópark Information Center.



The office was created in a part of the building originally intended for retail use, facing Roosevelt Square, which comes as no surprise as the purpose of the office is sales. Comfortable sofas, elegant installations, soothing dim lights and sales brochures everywhere – one feels as though being in a high-end travel agency – except here the trips last for years, and the destination is adjacent the Törökbálint lake.



The entire space is dominated by a scale-model exhibit, displaying all phases of the Tópark complex. Buttons operate the lighting of each individual phase, thus putting into perspective the true dimensions and final state of the project. Beside the model is another one as well, which reaches across almost the entire length of the office, and presents the viewer with the facade of the project and the daily life of Tópark residents.




Workstations are located along the back wall of the area; this is where the leasing team makes their phone calls and writes their proposals. There are not many personal items on the tables, suggesting that here work is the primary concern (although there is a golf kit hidden between the filing cabinets, ready to go in the event of good weather).




The main peculiarity of the office is the above mentioned scale-model and purple coloring, but those working here did mention a tendency of tourists and passersby coming inside for lunch or a cup of coffee. The surroundings do give one a lounge type feeling, as the table- and groundlamps, sofas and tables imported from Italy give the place a modern and clean tone. All in all, by visiting the Tópark Information Center we had the chance to discover a high quality and extremely well positioned sales office.

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