26-10-2010 12:00

Spotter: Huszlicska

Tenant: ReVISION
Tenant profile: Advertising agency
Office building: Szép utca 4. Offices


 We arrived at ReVISION’s office with great expectations, as we were expecting quite a bit from one of the top domestic guerilla marketing company’s office. We were not disappointed.

The enormous wooden door is festooned with hundreds of small metal plates, each of which depicts a lion figure. As we opened the door it became apparent that it is in fact the ReVISION logo that appears on the door, but as we were told the small metal logos were left there by the previous tenant. As they put it, they didn’t find their office, their office found them.




For starters, we are taken down to the cellar, where they proudly show us their future meeting room door. In the past, the building housed a bank, and it seems logical to use it’s old vault as a meeting room. I trust this was well thought out, as I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the client’s shoes who is asked to be patient for 5 minutes while the some last minutes items are discussed, perhaps coupled with the door being closed for the duration.




The company was established in 2005, and it was in 2007 that the workload became intense. As is the case with many other creative companies, they also started out by going to coffeehouses to brainstorm, outside of their regular jobs. Later on, due to the volume of new clients, they each left their jobs to build the brand with full force. By now they offer multiple services under the VISIONED brand name.




The Szép utca office is not nearly completed yet. Quite a few pictures are awaiting their final locations on the walls, but you can tell the guys concentrate their creativity mainly on their clients as opposed to interior decoration. Regardless, the pictures patiently await their turn on the wall and – let’s be honest – it is quite fitting for a creative agency to have their pictures lines up on the ground against the wall.



The basic concept was for the employees not to have to stare at white walls at work, and so they asked a graffiti artist from Pécs called Zina to bring some yellow and black paint, and create a more lively atmosphere. He then took a projector, projected some of his art onto the walls, and commenced to paint over them.



The remainder of the office is a collection of works done for clients. They are especially proud of the Vámház krt. 9 sign in the hall, which was apparently the original one held by Klapka in the commercial.



We will probably revisit the office in a few months, as we are curious to see how the final state is going to look like.


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