01-11-2010 12:00

Spotter: Huszlicska

Tenant: Artvertising. The Agency.
Tenant profile: Advertising agency
Office building: Residential  


Let’s check out our first office in a flat! An advertising agency, who when pondering the different possibilities, opted to pick a 6. district residential building as their headquarters. The building, situated on Rózsa utca, has been nicely refurbished inside and out, and thus first impressions are good.



Arriving in the building, we have plenty of time to ponder these first impressions, as the makers of the elevator paid attention to the senior citizens of the house. ’No sudden movement!’ – they must have been thinking when callibrating the elevator-speed. Clients with claustrophobia should definately use the stairs, as the roughly half square meter, four person elevator’s 3 minute ascent strongly reminds one of a vertical MRI scan.





The company was founded a year ago by two experienced advertising professionals, who see their main strengths in their ability to think in networks. This means they are in contact with, and constantly work with many freelance graphic designers, writers, photographers and other production subcontractors. The office is essentially the motor behind the entire company, and is home to joint brainstorming sessions and coordination of projects.




Talking with Gergely Nagy – one of the managers – it turns out that, deceptively, they put as much focus on strategy than actual artwork. Having said this, they acknowledge that influencing the senses also plays an important role in the company, which is supported by the fact that they offer scent-marketing services as well.




The company moved to this office seven months ago, and by now they are quite settled in. Although currently the white walls are a bit too much, they plan to get some of the artists working in their network to decorate with some elaborate, thought-provoking designs. There is no shortage of personal items, although it seems employees are fanatic bigyóshop costumers. The Barbie dolls are the remnants of an office party they hosted, where the entry fee was one doll each.




Essentially, we believe the company made the right decision when choosing a flat instead of an office building, as upon arrival one gets a more direct and informal undertone. Perhaps a bit a navigation from the front gate wouldn’t hurt, and we also await the new designs planned for the currently mostly white wall surfaces. The beginnings are certainly reassuring: spacious, bright office, communal areas, lots of gadgets, a good feel to the space. Creative work doesn’t really need much more than that.



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