White Rabbit

22-11-2010 12:00

Spotter: Huszlicska

Tenant: White Rabbit
Tenant profile: Advertising agency
Office building: Madách Trade Center Offices
Number of employees: 17
Size: 300m²

 During our visit to see White Rabbit, our first surprise came when we entered the elevator. At the reception area, we saw that the company occupies floors 11-12., but in the elevator the floors were only numbered till the 10th. Thus began our chase of the illusive white rabbit in the sky, in the office building by Madách tér. Two right turns, end of the long hall, a glass door opens onto nothing. We step out the door.




Just before stepping into White Rabbit’s office, one finds oneself on top of the city, with no roof or window to disturb the view. There is no shortage of adventure when going to visit the white rabbit in his lair, and each adventure only heightens our curiousity. An office, here?



I’m not sure if the storylike words above give any hint, but by entering the building are in an extension of the office building below, in a 15 meter diameter round shaped tower. Windows in every direction. The only tenant here is White Rabbit.




As we step in, the managing director immediately jumps up from a meeting with his colleagues to greet us, and readily invites us in. I believe we have arrived in Wonderland. All around are colorfully painted walls, an abundance of rabbits, storybooks, black-and-white sofas. Above us, another level and a dome. Everything fits together wonderfully.




White Rabbit was established in 2006 by 4 advertising professionals, who have been running the company ever since. The company is a full service advertising company, which means they do most everything in-house. It was two years ago that they moved out of their original office, in a flat, and found this fantastic space. As Levente Bálint says, they are quite proud of their office, and endeavor to enchant as many clients with it as possible.



To give you an idea of what happens when we visit an office: usually we are first shown around, so we will know what to expect, then we are allowed to roam freely through the areas, to photograph whatever we feel you should see. Meanwhile, we have the opportunity to observe the employees working in the office around us. What made this advertising agency exceptional, is that all throughout the time we were there, the air was simply buzzing; with brainstorming sessions and the constant hum of creators in action. No one was buried deep in their computer, or was doing things in a mediocre tempo, as is often the case. The pace is rapid this version of Wonderland.




The distribution of the three floors is as follows: art directors, writers and creatives sit on the top, managers and owners on the middle level, and client relationship managers and graphic designers on the lower level. All told, l7 people work in the 300 square meter office. The bottom floor was a recent addition to the space, and is somewhat more secluded than the other two.



During our visit, the weather was overcast, but it’s not hard to imagine the office during sparkling sunshine, when working on your computer is near impossible. Perhaps the air conditioners are up to the task, but the shades probably are in a much tougher situation. Hence, even in such a beautiful 360 degree panorama office space a dilemma arises: you won’t be able to see much if you have to close the drapes to be able to work.



As can be seen in the introduction, the company’s name, it’s profile and the office all suite each other perfectly. Thankfully for them, they lease enough space for expansion, nonetheless I won’t envy White Rabbit if in the future, due to the number of employees, they have to leave this place.


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