29-11-2010 12:00

Spotter: Huszlicska

Tenant: Kirowski
Tenant's profile: Communication agency (digital approach)
Office building: REsidence Office
Number of employees: over 100
Size: 1600m²

 The Hungarian success story, after 10 years, finally saw fit to move their offices from their previous location on Károly körút to look for something with a bit more space, where they could move under one roof with their mother company. Finally, they moved to the SingSing REsidence office building in Víziváros, with the move completed during this past summer.



The story of kirowski – as told by Balázs Tompa, one of the creative managers there who was also one of the founders – began in 96 with 4 architects getting together and undertaking various graphic design works. The switch to internet based works came in 98, and as Balázs told us growth was constant. Representative of their expansion rate, currently there are over 80 employees in the company, and since 2005 the company belongs to the global digital marketing agency network under Aegis Media, namely Isobar.




As the interior height of the building is relatively low – and as we know good creative work needs a large amount of space – thus the company told the owner before fitout began that they wouldn’t be needing the usual lowered ceilings. With this, they brought a bit of industrial character to the otherwise modern office building. Above the ceiling lights white rectangles were painted to reflect the light downwards, as computer dispersed light is more comfortable for working on computers. The lighting plays an important role, as there are many areas which are only dimly lit, which although is ideal for working in front of a computer, can be depressing in the long term.




The walls were created by the Pimp-my-wall team, and one of the founders of kirowski, Csaba Kelemen, was responsible for the designs. The drawings mostly bring a funky feeling to the office; we saw no real connection to the company or its history in them. We have to admit though, that wall decorations of this kind are probably the most efficient way to spruce up an otherwise average office.




Despite the colorful walls, the place is pervaded by rigid professionalism. As can be expected from an online agency, just about everyone we saw was under 40, and the average age was definitely under 30. Corresponding to this, great momentum surrounded us. As could be seen on the young team’s work pace, the online profession dictates quite the tempo, and we could feel the tension in the air.




Just about everyone in the office works in an open-space layout, although the different divisions are well separated from each other. The kitchen functions splendidly as a common area, where thanks to a large balcony smokers don’t have to leave the office area. Also here, you can find a fussball table and a semi-separated rest area. A great aspect of this entire area is that it is very well detached from the rest of the office. This is probably how employees are encouraged to visit common areas only for lunch and a good rest now and then, instead of constantly breaking away for a quick chat.




The company wisely thought of the future and possible expansion, as there is plenty of room in the building next to the for further office space, in case they hire a large influx of new employees. We can safely say that kirowski chose the ideal location for their computer-based workforce, in a quiet environment, with a well partitioned common area, where the sunlight won’t bother anyone too much.


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