03-05-2011 12:00

Spotter: Huszlicska

Tenant's profile: co-working
Office building: Paulay Ede utca 55. Offices
Accommodates: 50
Size: 300m²
Interior design: Klemetz Anna and Kata + Szupernova Design

 Here comes an unusual post. We’ve decided to start a series presenting the co-working offices found in Budapest. For starters, here is probably the most well-known of them all, LOFFICE.



Co-working is a relatively new concept in Hungary. Its purpose is to gather freelancers into one office, thus increasing the possibility of their working together and helping them grow their business network.




The most effective way to achieve this is with an open space office. So, we place lots of long tables in a spacious room with high ceilings, scatter a strong wifi signal, install an abundance of electric sockets, create a meeting room and the co-working space is complete.




These are the basics that LOFFICE followed, but in addition they succeeded in creating a working environment which previously could only be seen in American design magazines.





The interiors were created using simple – and not necessarily expensive – materials, and turned out to be very tasteful. I should think anyone would proudly invite their clients to LOFFICE for a meeting. The spaces receive an abundance of light, and many a well furnished company would be jealous of the entrepreneurs working here.





Having said this, one requires exceptionally good skills in concentration (or perhaps the use of earplugs) here, as during the roughly 1 hour period we were there, a steady stream of people arrived and rang the bell, people’s phones kept ringing, dogs occasionally wandered in, etc. This is when we realized that this type of joint workspace has its drawbacks too.



All in all, it’s safe to say LOFFICE takes aim at the highest level of freelancers and entrepreneurs. Only people with a constant flow of clientele can pay the prices here, but for them, it seems they couldn’t find a better place if they tried – if they are able to concentrate, that is.



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