02-09-2011 10:53

Spotter: Huszlicska

Tenant: Screenland
Tenant profile: Pro Display Showroom
Office building: Goli Park Kiadó irodák
Employees: 5
Size: 95m²
Interior design: B. Szabó Veronika (XYZ Interior Design)


Screenland doesn’t fit the traditional Officespotting profile, but when we hear what they do, and that their showroom looks good to boot, we decided to schedule a short visit to Perc utca.

The company is a distributor and installer of different kinds of clear and translucent surfaces and screens, onto which video feeds can easily be projected. Many of their solutions can completely replace traditional television technology, without the depth and framing of the latter. The spectacle is quite unique.

We asked a variety of questions from Zsolt Nyéki, the owner, such as whether the sci-fi technology from our childhoods, like mirrors with integrated touchscreen monitors will be available int he future. Much to our surpise, Zsolt is able to show us living examples of the technology at work. These include a see-through covering which becomes opaque at the switch of a button, touch-screen display windows and a television which when turned off doubles as a mirror.

Due to the fact that this technology represents great potential in the field of interior design, it would come as no surprise if we saw it appearing in contemporary offices in the close future.


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